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"If a picture says a thousand words, then watch out world, because there aren't enough words to describe a Susan Wilson photo shoot, and the brilliant results. P.S. She's also very entertaining!"
- Loretta Laroche, author, PBS star

"The pictures are to die for. You're a goddess. But we knew that already."
- Sanford Sylvan, baritone

"Susan, these are awesome."
- Jeff Song, musician

"I think it's really mean of you to take so many incredible pictures and expect that we should only be able to choose a couple to use. Maybe you should start shooting some bad ones so that it's not so hard. These are unbelievable!"
- Debbie Block and storyteller, musician, author Bill Harley, Round River Productions
Susan Wilson, Photographer
"What fun we had last night!!! You are just so much fun to hang out with and it is so much fun to watch you work....you have so much energy and elicit the most amazing personalities from all of the folks you photograph! Really a joy!"
- Judi Neu, Music Management
"I carry the postcard version of the new photo at all times, pull one out for a fan, and EVERY time the remark is 'Wow.' And ever since the photo shoot our career has taken off. So, it must be the photo. Bless you!"
- Fishken and Groves, musicians

"Once again thanks for capturing us in such a lively and fun way. The photos are alive! So are you!"
- Bert Seager, musician

"I hope you realize how happy and excited I am to finally have a good picture of myself. You totally changed my image of myself- and it was cheaper than a shrink!"
- Ann Hobson Pilot, musician, Boston Symphony Orchestra

"The pictures are fabulous! You put ALL of our photographers to shame."
- Helen Steineker, The Montgomery Symphony Orchestra
"It's a pleasure working with you. You've got a gifted eye, you're creative, and pleasant to work with (a rare combination). Thanks so much for enhancing our image."
- Manny Santos, The Geoffrey Hicks Quartet

"Wanted to show you how AMAZING this photo looks. People are already going crazy about these."
- Ben Arrow, musician

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for the extraordinary session - I mean shoot - this morning. Thank you for make-up artistry/art direction/camp counseling/fun fabrication, and of course, phenomenal expertise"
- Darleen Wilson, WGBH
"I just wanted to thank you again for our fabulous portrait. It was published in the Globe today. I know you are used to seeing your work in the paper, but we're not used to seeing our faces there! Its publication is due in no small part to your beautiful work."
- Jennifer Montbach, Radius Ensemble

"You are one of the most inspiring artists around. Thanks again for your wonderful work."
- Sarah Takagi, musician