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All of Susan Wilson's images -- color or black and white, digital or film-based -- are available as signed and framed fine art prints. Many have been exhibited in solo and group art exhibitions, while others are gems culled from commercial and documentary shoots or multimedia projects.

Art prints can be purchased in a variety of sizes and formats, from intimate 8x10 inch renderings to impressive 16 x 24 inch pieces -- and can be purchased with or without signed mats, and metal or wooden frames. Prices generally range from $200.00 to $1,000.00, and vary with the image, its availability, and the size and format requested. Susan will be happy to schedule a viewing of any images or series of images you wish to consider for purchase.

Among the most popular art images that have been exhibited over the years are those shown below.    Please note that these constitute only a tiny sampler of available art photos. Many more can be viewed on scheduled visits to her studios in Cambridge and Wellfleet, Massachusetts.