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It can't get much better than being named the official "House Historian" for Boston's oldest continuously operating hotel, the Omni Parker House.

The OPH, as many of you know, has played an integral part in the history of Boston. In the culinary world, it's been heralded as the home of the Parker House Roll and Boston Cream Pie--and a place where Ho Chi Minh, Malcolm X, and Emeril Lagasse once worked in the kitchens.

HeavenCover_sm.jpg The Parker House was where the brightest lights of America's Golden Age of Literature--writers like Emerson, Thoreau, Hawthorne, and Longfellow--regularly met in the legendary Saturday Club. At the Parker House, baseball greats like Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Carl Yastrzemski, and David Ortiz wined, dined, and unwound, while generations of local and national politicians--including Ulysses S. Grant, James Michael Curley, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Colin Powell, William Jefferson Clinton, and Deval Patrick--assembled for private meetings, press conferences, and power breakfasts.

But there's no need for me to tell all this to you now... since it's in the book.

What book, you ask?

For more than twenty years, I have been researching and writing about the Parker House, starting with my "Sites and Insights" column (and my book by the same name) which ran in the Boston Globe from 1987-1993. Over the years I have written and photographed various pieces about or for the Parker House, as well as done TV shows, tours, and lectures on their fascinating past and present. In 2012, I began working on the ultimate culmination of all these years of study: a brand new volume of images and stories, which we have called Heaven, By Hotel Standards: The History of the Omni Parker House, and which made its debut in 2014.


--"I especially liked the way you made it a book about the city's history as well as that of the hotel."
--"Heaven, By Hotel Standards is a gem: elegant, lively, and packed with Boston history. I'm truly impressed."
--"The Parker House book is magnificent -- visually -- and photos and text. All so entertaining. And I love all the colors and the quality of paper and the size, etc. Full of facts and smiles and life."

WHERE TO BUY THE BOOK?:, or, or at Morsels, on School Street next door to the Omni Parker House.


sections:   Omni House | Bibliography |