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Download Homework form in PDF format here.



DEPOSIT: To hold the date and time you requested for your shoot, please send a deposit of $100 ($250 for commercial and location shoots), payable to Susan Wilson. The deposit will apply to your shoot, but will not be refunded if you cancel or postpone less than 48 hours prior to your shoot.


If you are doing a studio shoot, look at the Backdrops page of the website (viewable in color or black and white) and select your favorite backdrop; call or email Susan with your first and second choices at least 24 hours before your shoot. PLEASE NOTE: we can do ONE BACKDROP FOR EACH HOUR your are in the studio. If you'd prefer an outdoor or alternate indoor LOCATION for your shoot, make sure you've scouted, discussed, and cleared the location with Susan a week before the shoot.

IMAGE: Think about the image or images you wish to portray in your photo. Be sure to have a strong sense of how you'd like to come across. Self-assured? Accessible? Casual yet-cool? Sexy? Fun? Serious? Intense? Down-home? Make a list of adjectives that describe the YOU that you want to appear in the picture.

CLOTHING: Bring clothes that are consistent with the image you want. Bring as many changes as you like. You might want to mix a casual set with a dressier version. DARK BOTTOMS, pants or skirts, are generally best, and can be kept on as you change tops for different effects. We have an iron here for light touchups. Avoid, if you can, bright white tops, bold patterns, or other clothing that interferes with or detracts from the essence: YOU. Textures are important in black and white. When doing color, think about the colors and how they match your moods. Groups wearing varied outfits should be conscious of combining colors that work well together.

HAIR AND MAKEUP: Unless you ask us to arrange for a professional makeup artist to join us at the shoot (minimum recommended advance notice: two weeks; additional cost $50-$150 per person), there is no makeup artist here. We do keep on hand basic equipment -- powders, mascara, lip gloss, blush, hairspray, etc. -- and can assist you in light touchup and fine-tuning. We suggest that if you wear makeup, you bring your normal DAYTIME TYPE. Same principle applies to hair keep it natural, normal. DO NOT gct a haircut too close to the shoot unless you totally trust your hairdresser not to take too much off. The point is to make this look like YOU, not somebody else.

(HOT TIP: if you want professional makeup done but don't have the budget, go to the makeup counter at any major department store in the morning, then schedule an afternoon shoot. It's either cheap--i.e. buying a product--or free, and done by excellent professionals).

REFERENCE PHOTOS: Bring in photos of yourself (your group, family, etc.) that you love or hate, and be able to explain what's good or bad about each. Knowing in advance you have certain features you want to boldly display or slyly hide is very useful. Bring in any photos of other people you especially like. These can be publicity or personal shots, magazine or CD covers anything. We can use them for reference and build on their ideas.

SKETCHES: Same as photos. If you have specific ideas for shapes or graphics, draw us a diagram. Your ideas are as useful and valid as ours. Maybe moreso.

PROPS: Bring along any that you might want included in the photo: instruments, books, pens, trinkets, jewelry, or any other security blankets. If you need us to collect special props, the more advance notice the better.

BACKGROUND MUSIC: Bring any CDs to the session that make you feel at ease, or that elicit the mood you want in the picture. They can be by you or anyone else.

FRIENDS AND FOOD: Bring a pal, or bring along munchies or drinks. Whatever makes you feel at home and at ease. We will definitely put your friend to work!

SLEEP: The more you get the night before, the better you'll look.